The first MBAR working group meeting in Vyškov

The first MBAR working group meeting took place from MAY 23rd to MAY 25th at Military Academy in Vyškov. It has been dealing with mutual Airworthiness certification recognition among Military aviation authorities (MAA) of MATC countries. The conference has been considered very fruitful by all participating parties. It is an essential milestone in the certificate signing process, that will finalize the mutual recognition at the MAA directors level.

Written by TF

Meteorologists opened the MATC training year 2023

The first training in 2023 under the auspices of MATC was focused on meteorological technical personnel. This training followed on the successful cooperation in this field from previous years. Based on the request of the Slovak side, 4 students from Slovakia were included in the course with a capacity of 10 people. The course took place from January 30 to February 17, 2023, first in Olomouc, then the participants moved to Prostějov for the practical part of the training.

MATC representatives visited the final phase of the course, in order to get feedback not only from the participants, but also from the lecturers and the course leader. On this occasion, MATC members had the opportunity to see and experience the activities associated with launching an aerial probe. In general, the response to the training was very positive, and further cooperation in this sector is already being prepared.

Written by LZ

MATC site survey in Simulation Center, Liptovský Mikuláš (SVK)

On February 7 and 8, 2023, members of the MATC training branch participated in the Site Survey of Simulation Center Armed Forces Academy in Liptovský Mikuláš (SVK). Aim of this visit was to discuss current situation regarding training, legal frame and possible cooperation in the field of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in both participating countries – Czech Republic and Slovakia. Representatives of following institution took part in the event:

  • SVK Armed Forces Academy Simulation Center
  • CZE University of Defence
  • CZE 533. UAS battalion
  • SVK military aviation authority (MAA)
  • Slovak Air Force HQ
  • SVK General Staff of the Slovak Armed Forces

In recent years, Slovak soldiers several times attended UAS operators course in the Czech Republic (The University of Defence). Last year Simulation Center in Liptovský Mikuláš introduced their own UAS operators course approved by the Slovak MAA. Since then, one course has already been held and evaluated. Within the survey, both Slovak and Czech courses have been debated. The fact is that Czech armed forces in this field are way ahead of Slovak armed forces. Nevertheless, places of common interest do exist, Slovak armed forces now have the advantage when they can make use of Czech experience in this area and subsequently increase the pace in UAS field. Taking the global situation into consideration, it is essential to catch up with quickly developing trends and thus provide reasonable opportunities for enhanced future cooperation.

Written by TF

The 10th MATC Steering Committee Meeting in Zvolen (SVK)

The 10th MATC Steering Committee (SC) Meeting was held on 5th October 2022 at the Slovak Air Force HQ in Zvolen, Slovakia.

The main SC meeting subjects were the new SC Chairman election, the Plan of Work (POW), MATC Multinational Budget (MMB) and MATC FIN Plan 2024 – 2026 approval.

As a new SC Chairman, MG Petr Mikulenka was elected by SC members. The next regular SC meeting was agreed to be held in the Czech Republic in autumn 2023.

The annual MATC report was presented by the MATC director, Col. Karel Valvoda, followed by a summary of MATC’s training as well as AAW activities. Then the plan for the upcoming year and later on new legal and financial procedures were introduced. Steering committee members were also briefly informed about the current manning status of MATC, few replacements have recently occurred, some others are still pending.

In line with implementation of new MATC role after latest Operational MOU Amendment, new financial procedures were introduced to set up efficient acquiring process when dealing either with military or commercial training provider. This new framework includes benefits for every MATC participating country, such as the Credit Mechanism or the VAT Refund System, aiming to allow simplified access to training activities provided via MATC.

Written by TF

MATC training conference in Zvolen

On October 4, 2022, the planned MATC training conference took place, this time hosted by the headquarters of the Slovak Air Force in Zvolen. This meeting of representatives of the MATC training branch preceded the meeting of the MATC steering committee, which took place the following day.

The goal of this training conference was not to open completely new questions in the field of training due to the limited time frame. The main points were the coordination of the activities listed in the MATC Program of Work for 2023, the evaluation of the ongoing training and to express the initial feedback from the recent Site Survey in Szolnok (HUN). The most fruitful discussion took place over the method of coordinating the CAO (Counter Air Operations) training in 2023, the positive result of which was the confirmation of the intention by all MATC parties to continue this cooperation in the form of two joint CAO trainings next year.

In 2023, the MATC training branch is expecting three training conferences, with the intention to combine each of them with a site survey of an interesting place offering new training opportunities. The next training conference should be hosted by the Czech Republic in the spring of next year.

written by LZ

Site Survey Szolnok (Hungary)

On September 21 and 22, members of the MATC training branch led by the current MATC training leader LTC Ladislav Zajíček participated in the Site Survey of the military base in Szolnok (HUN). The offer to participate in this visit was used by all MATC member states, which sent their representatives to familiarize themselves with the possible types of training for international cooperation within the MATC. The main objectives of the visit were training on the Mi-17 flight simulator, tactical training of helicopter crews and water survival training. Furthermore, the participants had the opportunity to receive the necessary information about JTAC training options and the UAS (unmanned aerial systems) operator training program. Last but not least, all squadrons were introduced including their capabilities, flight platforms and main tasks. The main representatives of these units then attended a joint dinner hosted by the Hungarian side.

The time spent in Hungary was evaluated very positively by all parties and brought a lot of inputs to the discussion for developing new opportunities for cooperation within the MATC. In conclusion, a big thank you from MATC to the Hungarian side for its hospitality and helpfulness in organizing this meeting.

written by LZ

New Framework Agreement with LOM PRAHA s.e. signed

During the 2022 NATO Days programme, the new Framework Agreement on aviation training in the facilities of the LOM PRAHA state enterprise (LOM PRAHA s.e.), in favour of the Multinational Aviation Training Centre (MATC) was officially signed by directors of both parties of the agreement on Saturday the 17th of September 2022.

This event took place in the auspices of the Czech Air Force Command on NATO Days with the presence of the Czech Air Force Commander major general Petr Mikulenka. The new contract will allow MATC to facilitate its new role in provision of MATC products and services given by the recent Amendment to MATC Operational Memorandum of understanding.

Written by KV

MATC Training Conference in Croatia

This year, the second MATC Training Conference took place in the Croatian Military Training Facility „Mali Lošinj Barracks“ in the term  12 -14 July 2022. Representatives of all four MATC member countries met here to jointly discuss topics from the training branch.

The main theme of the conference was a more in-depth presentation of the individual structures of the air forces of the member countries. During the particular performances, a lot of spontaneous discussions arose, which brought new possibilities for the development of cooperation within the MATC. One such possibility is, for example, the training of flight instructors, when the Croatian side presented its own training program, which attracted the attention of all parties involved. The Hungarian side also has a lot of requested international training options within the base in Szolnok, which is why a site survey of this destination for September was tentatively agreed upon.

Excellent facilities and support from the host nation of Croatia enabled three days of fruitful discussion.

Written by LZ

The final Mutual Bilateral Airworthiness Recognition conference

The final Mutual Bilateral Airworthiness Recognition (MBAR) conference, attended by the National Military Authorities (NMA) directors representing the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, and the Slovak Republic, took place in Prague on December 12, 2019. The participants signed the Recognition Certificates (RC) of training procedures, rules of the aircrews and maintenance personnel in the scope of MATC elements to the 31st of December 2023.
 In addition, this act has simultaneously confirmed successful mutual cooperation among the Czech, Croatian, Hungarian, and Slovakian MAAs not only for the MATC benefit but also, in the wider perspective, for an exchange of lessons-learned and further harmonization of procedures applied in the Air Forces of individual participating countries.
 Participants agreed to continue their cooperation in 2020 in the form of RC’s review. The working groups are going to assess whether RC’s still support the partners’ needs for recognition, and also to make sure that they provide an appropriate level within the signed certificates. 

Written by PJ

The 4th MBAR visit in Bratislava

The final on-site visit of the State Aviation Department was done by the Military Airworthiness Authorities (MAA) of CZE, HRV and HUN in the Ministry of Defence of Slovak republic in the term of 22-24 October 2019.

The MAA SVK legal basis and procedures concerning to Product Oversight were found out as acceptable for MAAs of CZE, HRV and HUN. Representatives of MAA´s agreed, that no objection exists to sign the Recognition Certificate for MAA SVK.

Final Assessment Report and individual Recognition Certificates are expected to be signed during MAA director’s meeting planned on December 2019 in Prague. This will complete the MBAR process in favour of MATC.

Written by PJ