MATC Site Survey of German Air Force Simulation Control Center

MATC representatives conducted a site survey of GAF Simulation Control Center on 23rd – 24th July in order to identify possibilities for cooperation in future. The capabilities of the center are very interesting, future cooperation could consist of connecting simulation centers used for MATC training with other entities not only from German Air Force but also from NATO. If our customers and simulation centers will be interested in this kind of cooperation, there is a potential to enhance our training capabilities by incorporating other units and assets into current training.

 Written by KV

MATC Training Conference

 The 2nd/2019 MATC Training Conference took place in the Croatian Military Training Facility „Mali Lošinj Barracks“ in the term  9 -12 July.  The main topic of the meeting was focused on training overview and evaluation of the projects performed in the first half of 2019. The MATC TRG Leader gladly introduced the two new international members from Slovakian and Hungarian Air Force, who started their work recently.  With their arrival,  the MATC Directorate became a fully international facility. The Conference attendees discussed the MATC Training Projects for the rest of the year 2019. One of the most valuable courses is the Counter Air Operation (CAO) tactical simulator training in TSC Pardubice, with the attendance and assistance of  Tactical Leadership Programme (TLP) Subject-Matter Experts (SME).  The TRG leader informed about further MATC training capabilities and facilities for the year 2020 provided in the MATC portfolio. The Croatian Air Force is interested in high altitude winter survival training for pilots, what could be in the near future the new MATC project. The Site survey of convenient Training facilities is planned tentatively to this summer.

 Written by JB

Letter of Agreement between MATC and TLP signed

On 27th June 2019 was signed the Letter of Agreement between MATC and TPL (Tactical Leadership Programme). It is a formal confirmation of cooperation with a team of multinational experts taking part in MATC products and services.

The aim of this cooperation is to increase the effectiveness of Allied Forces through the development of leadership skills, mission planning, briefing, tactical air operations, debriefing skills and doctrinal initiatives in support of the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), Supreme Allied Commander (SACT) and National Defence Forces.

Written by PV