Radio Navigation Aids Maintenance Course

MATC was coordinating the “Radio Navigation Aids Maintenance Course”, which was held in Military Academy Vyškov (MATC Facility code CZE 6 in MATC Training Catalogue) in March 2017. The Course was focused on ILS (Instrument Landing System) and DME (Distance Measuring Equipment) ground specialists skills improvement and their licence currency.

The Course was especially tailored for SVK Aviation Specialists and held in Czech language. The Course consisted of not only academic part, but as well of practical one focused on testing and special equipment tuning.

The main course objective was to improve practical skills in maintenance and operation of systems such as Instrument Landing System (ILS), Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) and surveillance radar (RL-4). The training syllabus and training procedures were executed in accordance with the procedures of Air Traffic Safety Electronic Personnel (ATSEP). Main emphasis was focused on solution of non-standard situations with the use of unique simulation device located on the premises of Training Command – Military Academy in Vyškov.

The graduation ceremony for the specialists from Slovakian aeronautical radio navigation service was held on the premises of the Multinational Aviation Training Centre (MATC) on Friday, 24th March, 2017.

The director of MATC awarded 11 successful course graduates with certificates and congratulated them on the results achieved.

I believe the acquired practical skills will contribute to the increased flight safety, which is of paramount importance in air traffic“ said Capt. Jaroslav Pleva, the course leader.

Written by RH and PJ