MATC training conference in Prešov – new challenges, new possibilities

The MATC training conference took place on April 9-11, 2024, at the helicopter base in Prešov, hosted by the Slovak Republic. The invitation to this event was accepted by all MATC member states, so more than 20 representatives of the training branches attended. The MATC Training leader and acting Director LtCol. Ladislav Zajíček also confirmed the importance of the large participation: “It is an excellent opportunity to not only present the plans for the development of joint training from the MATC directorate perspective, but also to receive direct feedback from the member states”.

The conference was thematically adapted to the locality of the event, so all discussions were on the topic of helicopter aviation – flying in a mountainous environment, Bambi Bucket operation, aerial shooting and training of door gunners, etc.

The event was reflected very positively by all attendees. It is best described by the statement of one of the participants: “Even if it would not be possible to implement any training from the content of this conference, this meeting is still of great importance in the form of mutual information sharing and getting to know each other.

The 51st wing of Prešov deserves a big thank you for creating excellent conditions for the conference. Acknowledgment also belongs to the conference participants for their active approach. The MATC Training leader concludes that this event holds a promise for the future and presents many opportunities for joint projects within MATC. These opportunities should be seized and developed together.

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