Monthly Archives: April 2019

11th course of the Operational English Language Training completed!

The graduation ceremony has finished the operational language course on 12th March 2019. It was already the 11th successfully completed course of the operational language training project and 3rd planned for this year. The four-week Operational English Language Course for Door Gunners (OELC-DG), Flight Engineers (FE) and Pilots (P) held at the Helicopter Training Point… Read More »

Counter Air Operations – tactical simulated training

MATC coordinated the tactical simulated training for tactical pilots and C2/GCIs in the term 25 – 29 March 2019 in Tactical Simulation Center, Pardubice, Czech Republic. The training was focused on the Counter Air Operations (CAO) training with the specific goals to train Behind Visual Range (BVR) tactics. The training audience (TA) was selected from… Read More »