DCA/QRA Training Module (Tactical Simulation)

The new DCA/QRA (Defensive Counter Air/Quick Reaction Alert) Training Module (Tactical Simulation) for tactical pilots and GCI (Ground-controlled interception) has been successfully accomplished in term 27 February – 3 March 2017 at Tactical Simulation Center (TSC), Pardubice, Czech Republic (LOM PRAHA s.p./CLV Pardubice). The training week „Training for Training Leaders“ (as the TRG with code FTS 05 published in MATC TRG Cataloguewas focused on QRA procedures training and DCA – BvR (Blue versus Red) training. In this unique training participated instructor-pilots and GCI from the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia, supported by JAPCC SME, One of the main objective was to train tactical pilots´ and GCIs´ interoperability. The pilots and GCI had an opportunity to train in mixed crews. The follow-on training for pilots and GCI starts in November 2017.

Written by JD

Flight training of the Czech Air Force pilots in Croatia on Bell 206B helicopters

Two Czech helicopter pilots sent by the Czech Air Force to Croatia within the MATC framework have on 1st March 2017 successfully completed the basic flight training on Bell 206 B III helicopters. The training started in October 2016 and has been provided by Croatian Air Force, 93rd AFB Zadar – Zemunjik.

The Croatian instructors trained these young pilots in basic flying, navigation flights, high altitude and low level flights in accordance with standardized syllabi for MATC participants. The training syllabi cover the current NATO standards for syllabi composition. This flight training is the first successful project under MATC coordination, and it is highlighting one of the main MATC objectives „Pooling and Sharing“ of offered free training capacities and facilities. The training is the composition of training modules chosen from MATC training catalogue.

Written by JD