MATC Steering Committee Meeting in Zadar

The 5th MATC Steering Committee Meeting was held on 25th October 2017 in Zadar, Republic of Croatia, with participation of all MATC SC representatives in person. SC Meeting in Zadar was the first one held out of the Lead Nation territory. The main meeting subjects were the POW 2018 approval, the MATC activation status report and the MATC training activities summary. In the end, the Slovak Republic representative offered the possibility to host the next regular SC Meeting in autumn 2018.

Written by RH

The 2nd/2017 MATC Training Conference

The 2nd/2017 MATC Training Conference was held on 12-14 September in the Croatian Military Training Facility „Mali Lošinj Barracks“. The Conference attendees discussed mainly the MATC Training Projects for Aviation Air and Ground Crews training for the rest of year 2017, and for year 2018.

The Conference included, besides other things, the meeting between MATC SMEs and the „4 LoI“ (4 countries signed Letter of Intent concerning the SOATU capability development) POCs, who were informed about MATC training capabilities, training facilities and assets available, and also about ongoing training and courses provided under MATC umbrella. The „4 LoI“informed the MATC audience about the „4 LoI“ objectives.

The MATC Directorate SMEs informed the Conference audience about the status of MATC activation process to NATO Military Body which could be completed by the end of the year 2017.

MATC proposed the Training Camp focused on DVE (Degraded Visual Environment) Training, especially on Brown-out and LZ OPS using the MATC training facilities. This training is proposed for the summer period 2018.

Written by RH