MATC training conference in Zvolen

On October 4, 2022, the planned MATC training conference took place, this time hosted by the headquarters of the Slovak Air Force in Zvolen. This meeting of representatives of the MATC training branch preceded the meeting of the MATC steering committee, which took place the following day.

The goal of this training conference was not to open completely new questions in the field of training due to the limited time frame. The main points were the coordination of the activities listed in the MATC Program of Work for 2023, the evaluation of the ongoing training and to express the initial feedback from the recent Site Survey in Szolnok (HUN). The most fruitful discussion took place over the method of coordinating the CAO (Counter Air Operations) training in 2023, the positive result of which was the confirmation of the intention by all MATC parties to continue this cooperation in the form of two joint CAO trainings next year.

In 2023, the MATC training branch is expecting three training conferences, with the intention to combine each of them with a site survey of an interesting place offering new training opportunities. The next training conference should be hosted by the Czech Republic in the spring of next year.

written by LZ

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