Site Survey Szolnok (Hungary)

On September 21 and 22, members of the MATC training branch led by the current MATC training leader LTC Ladislav Zajíček participated in the Site Survey of the military base in Szolnok (HUN). The offer to participate in this visit was used by all MATC member states, which sent their representatives to familiarize themselves with the possible types of training for international cooperation within the MATC. The main objectives of the visit were training on the Mi-17 flight simulator, tactical training of helicopter crews and water survival training. Furthermore, the participants had the opportunity to receive the necessary information about JTAC training options and the UAS (unmanned aerial systems) operator training program. Last but not least, all squadrons were introduced including their capabilities, flight platforms and main tasks. The main representatives of these units then attended a joint dinner hosted by the Hungarian side.

The time spent in Hungary was evaluated very positively by all parties and brought a lot of inputs to the discussion for developing new opportunities for cooperation within the MATC. In conclusion, a big thank you from MATC to the Hungarian side for its hospitality and helpfulness in organizing this meeting.

written by LZ

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