The Joint Training, Legal and Financial MATC Conference 2022

The Joint Training, Legal and Financial MATC Conference was held from 26th to 27th April 2022 at the MATC Directorate residence in Vyškov, Czech Republic.

The main goal of the MATC Training Conference was to find joint training activities and to start setting up a way of working together for the next period. The main MATC Legal and Financial Conference topics were MATC MoU Amendment No. 1 introduction and the related new contractual framework of LOM PRAHA s.e. products/services provided via MATC, with all legal consequences arising from it. The Conference outputs were introduced during the Training Conference in order to support the upcoming Counter Air Operations (CAO) Training, in which Trainees from all MATC countries will participate.

The Joint MATC conference has definitely fulfilled its purpose and its conclusions have contributed significantly not only to the successful implementation of the July CAO training but also to the consolidation of good relations within MATC.

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