The second course for members of the Slovakian Aeronautical Radio Navigation Service was successfully finished

The graduation ceremony for the specialists from Slovakian aeronautical radio navigation service was held on the premises of the Multinational Aviation Training Centre (MATC) on Friday, March 23, 2018.

The director of MATC together with representatives from Military Aviation Authority and Military Academy awarded 10 successful course graduates with certificates and congratulated them on the results achieved.

The Course is specially tailored for SVK Aviation Specialists and held in the Czech language. The Course consisted of not only Academic part but as well as practical one realized at the Airbase in Pardubice focused on testing and special equipment tuning during normal operation under oversight specialist from The Air Force and Air Defence Military Technical Institute (AFADMTI). This practical part was very appreciated by the Slovakian specialists.

Based on the continuing requirements for realizing next courses, both states agreed to continue with courses focused on ILS (Instrument Landing System), DME (Distance Measuring Equipment) and
RL-4 (Radiolocator), with the extension to specialists of the power supply systems for radio navigation equipment. The main task is retaining successful cooperation between the Czech Air Force and the Slovakian Air Force.

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