The 1st MATC Training Conference in 2019

In the week from 25th February to 1st March 2019 was held in Szolnok (HUN) the 1st MATC Training Conference this year.
The main aim of the Conference was to evaluate training experience from the previous year and to exchange information about upcoming training events. Additionally, the Workshop for planned CAO SIM TACT Training (Counter Air Operations Simulated Training) was simultaneously held with this conference. This Training for NATINAMDS/QRA pilots and GCIs is coordinated and managed by MATC in TSC (Tactical Simulation Centre) Pardubice, CZE, in term 25-29 March 2019, focused on regional interoperability. 

The second goal of this Conference was familiarization with the brand new THALES Rotary Wing Tactical Simulator and its capability, and additionally with the JTAC Tactical Simulator. The MATC TRG Conference participants took part in practical demonstrations of the simulators, and also they have the opportunity to visit the Mi-24 sqn equipped with the overhauled Mi-24P helicopters. Moreover, the HUN site provided the participants with interesting information about the HDF 86th AFB capacities and capabilities, and about planned transformation of HUN Rotary Wing Aviation.

 Written by JD

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