The second DCA/QRA Synthetic Training for tactical pilots and GCI

The second DCA/QRA (Defensive Counter Air/Quick Reaction Alert) Synthetic Training for tactical pilots and GCI (Ground Radar Controller of Interceptors) has been accomplished in the term 20 – 24 November 2017 at Tactical Simulation Center (TSC), Pardubice, Czech Republic (LOM PRAHA s.p./CLV Pardubice). The training week as the TRG Module with code FTS 06, published in MATC TRG Catalogue, was focused on QRA/AP (Air Policing) procedures training and DCA – BvR (Behind Visual Range) training.

In this unique training participated pilots and GCI from MATC countries – Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia and Hungary, being supported by JAPCC SME. One of the main objectives was to train the “Regional Interoperability“ following the NATO standards. The pilots and GCI had the opportunity to train in mixed crews (pilot-GCI). The follow-up training for pilots and GCIs will continue also in 2018. The Air-to-Ground tactical training is in consideration as well.

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