Counter Air Operations – tactical simulated training, 7-11 October 2019, TSC Pardubice, Czech Republic

In the term 7-11 October 2019 MATC coordinated another run of tactical simulated training for tactical pilots and C2/GCIs in Tactical Simulation Center (TSC), Pardubice AB, the Czech Republic. The training was focused again on the Counter Air Operations (CAO) training in peace, crises and wartime. The multinational training audience was blended of both roockies and experienced pilots and C2/GCIs from the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia. The training was supported, as the previous one, by assistance of Tactical Leadership Programme (TLP) Subject-Matter Experts (SME) from Albacete, Spain.

The MATC CAO tactical simulated training is a specific training based on NATO standards, which reflects all required training needed for NATINAMDS/QRA pilots and C2/GCIs. The Training contributes significantly to the NATO interoperability. We can also mention “The regional interoperability”, because such kind of training provides opportunity for pilots and C2/GCIs to train and interact in cross-border operations. The greatest benefit of this training is the support of TLP specialists, who contributed to both Academic and Practical phase of it.

MATC plans two runs of such training, which would be focused on Counter Air OPS (AP, DCA, BVR tactics) again, for second half of 2020 in TSC Pardubice AB, the Czech Republic.

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